What can I store ?

  • Those precious cars & bikes
  • That valuable boat
  • Building materials like tiles, timber etc
  • Archives – all those receipts and records that must be kept
  • Furniture – if you’re thinking of down-sizing don’t sell your valuable items, store them
  • Excess but important items cluttering up your home
  • Hobby materials and cherished possessions
  • Anything that’s not toxic, dangerous, explosive, flammable or illegal !!



  • Individually alarmed units
  • Recorded video surveilance
  • Solid Brick construction
  • Security Gate entry


What is the minimum time that I need to lease a unit for?

  • The minimum storage term is one month
  • You can stay as long as you like but if you can give one week’s notice prior to vacating that is most appreciated
  • You will need to sign a storage agreement and the team at Bartrop Real Estate will help you


I am going overseas how do I pay?

  • We can accept full payment in advance so you don’t need to worry while you are away
  • We can accept a credit card authority and make the monthly payments for you


Is my unit clean?

  • Each unit is cleaned between tenancies
  • Baits stations are located in each unit and baits are renewed before the start of each tenancy



  • We take EVERY precaution but suggest you INSURE your valuable possessions
  • If it is valuable enough to store then it is valuable enough to INSURE!
  • Insurance for your possessions is available through Bartrop Real Estate